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An Infographic Design Company Delivering Creative Visual Content To Marketers & End Clients For Their Content Marketing needs. Visual Is The Future, So Are We!

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    I am glad you have made it here. We are an Infographic Designing Company specialising in designing visual content for your Content Marketing like Infographics, Ebooks, Whitepapers, Case Studies etc.  We started out serving many small businesses and grew ourselves to cater to many huge enterprise companies. Our services are designed for winners and enriched with visuals and creativity.

    Our Vision is to take the Company’s Marketing to a whole new world of designs. Our designs have touched and Inspired many lives around the globe. And we are on a mission to help businesses to reach the pinnacle of their success. Our Team is ethically driven to create and design great visual content to cater to people’s needs.  Our designs have been Internationally recognized and awards. The CEO & Co-founder, Both are industry influencers & have been featured & authors on many front line publications like Forbes, Scoop. It, Entrepreneur, SEJ, Jeff Bullas, and more.

    In addition to creating great designs, we passionately believe in creating more value for Content Marketing. And we are on a mission to help businesses to reach the pinnacle of their success.

    We have ten years of experience in the field of design, Marketing, and Copywriting. And have designed for 3180+ businesses in the span of these ten years. With 30+ Designers, who are the cream of the industry, you can Expect Brilliance!

    We inspire the world through the Art of Designing. Our designs say a million words. We take Mundane words, and daily activities & turn into Beautifully designed Art. Our designs can communicate the message directly to the Sub-conscious.

    Our Unique features are that we are successfully maintaining to deliver the project within just three days and Unlimited Revisions without requiring you to spend anything extra!.

    Making us the only Infographic Designing Company which can create that value.

    Our Custom Designed Infographics Start from just $149. We have many other visual content designing services like E-books, White Papers, Pitch Deck, Media Kit, and more.

    Our USP is that we design everything in Infographic Style so your audience engagement rate is always high.

    Many of our customers have reported having saved 50-80% of the Marketing costs and got new repetitive customers. So make your Design and Stand out from your competitors.


    Trained & Expert Professionals

    Infobrandz is an Infographic Design Agency ran by creative professionals.

    Vikas Agrawal

    Vikas Agrawal is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Infographic design agency Infobrandz.com, He is a highly influential research analyst and strategic marketing consultant. Vikas has worked globally across multiple industries deploying effective strategic marketing plans and methodologies.


    Jyoti Agrawal

    Jyoti is a renowned blogger on the subject of Technology, Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Her inspiring articles can be found on publications like HuffingtonPost & Entrepreneur. She also has interest in entrepreneurship & Digital marketing world including social media & advertising.


    Customer Reviews On

    Customer Reviews On

       Barry J Feldman

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Consistently stellar design work—strong resource

    Infobrandz has been a reliable partner for my business for five-plus years. I rely on their talented staff for infographics and a variety of graphic design needs. The work is consistently top-notch and enables me to publish stellar work for my clients.

       Rajiv Rebello

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Infobrandz has been phenomenal

    The quality of their work is unmatched and Vikas and his team does a great job of making sure that the work reflects my brand and messaging. Looking forward to working on more projects together in the Future Again.

       Craig Wise

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Excellent creative team

    They are willing to put in the effort to provide quality work. They collaborated with me on an eBook and infographic (animated and PDF) for thought leadership. The team continually went beyond my expectations and provided innovative concepts.

       David Morton

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Exceptional service

    Exceptional service. I’ve used Infobranz many times to create images and infographics for our business and their quality of work has always been exceptional. Communication is also excellent and all work is always delivered to our requirements. HIGHLY recommended!

       Marquette Carney

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Working with Infobrandz was a true pleasure

    They are professional, quick to respond, and diligently works until the job is to the client’s liking. Highly recommend!

       Poondi Mendy

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    The team of Infobrandz did an excellent Job

    They delivered everything on time and understood our feedback well. The communication was great and to the point.

       Dr. Marty Martin

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Stick with Excellence

    I have been a customer of Infobrandz for nearly 5 years. Compared to other graphic design firms, they stand out because of their talent, professionalism, flexibility and responsiveness…. Read More

     Kevin Gundersen

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    The most professional ebook brand out…

    The most professional e book brand out there! They are prompt, pay attention to detail, extremely talented at design and are fast to edit and turn around projects.

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