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Our Creative Designing Services

3 Reasons To Work With Us

Money Back Guarantee

No Questions Asked

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with our work, just drop a mail to us and we will refund 100% of Your Money. No Questions Asked.

Unlimited Revisions

Till you are Satisfied

Unlimited Rounds Of Revisions

Get unlimited rounds of revisions without spending a Dollar. We offer unlimited revisions until the designs match your taste and standard.

Fast Turnaround

Express Delivery Speed

1-2 Days Delivery Speed

We understand the importance of time. Our infographic design agency makes sure to meet every deadline! Your custom infographic will be landed in to your inbox within just 3 days!

Infographic Designing Services

Comprehensive Infographic designs

Infographic Design Services

Did you know that only 20% of people online read word to word, and the rest 80% of people just read the headline, skim, scroll and scan?

Ineffective communication is a common threat to any marketer, and online people are just one mouse click away from the competitors. So you have to answer about your content in a very conservative amount of time.

Infographics present lengthy, tedious, and technical data visually by increasing the odds of conveying the message directly to the Sub-Conscious Mind. It is also a great tool to break the monotony of people’s daily life and take them on an imaginative journey.

We offer a complete start to end Infographic Designing Services, which includes Infographic Research, Infographic Script Writing, Infographic Designing & then Infographic Promotion on prominent publications by Influencer Outreaching.

Various Infographic Services

Infographic Research

Extensive Data Research & Infographic Script Writing


Infographic Script Writing

We mine Data in every Niche and create Infographic designs that are relevant to your Target audience and Business. A regular business may not be equipped to get quality Statistics, Data, and facts with basic knowledge, and at InfoBrandz we dig deep with specialized skills and tools.

Infographic Designing

Infographic Designing with Custom Illustrations


Custom Infographic Designing

We create aesthetic designs that attract eyes and make them readable but, more importantly allowing them to understand the given data. We create such Infographic designs that are irreplaceable by any costly software or Infographic Design Agency at an affordable price.

Infographic Marketing

Infographic Promotion & Distribution In Big Publications

Infographic Promotion & Submission

Our Copywriters and Designers collaborate to produce the best results which are marketed to the right people and in the right place. We publish & outreach in sites like Forbes, SEJ, JeffBullas & Entrepreneur etc. Our campaign includes E-mail marketing, LinkedIn marketing, Blogger Outreach & Guest Posting and more.

Presentation Design Services

Creative Presentation Designing

Enhance Your Presentation

In every presentation, people will remember the first few minutes of the presentation; on average, you have only 53 seconds to build rapport with your audience, or you may come off as boring and predictable. With the help of Infographics, you can do that in only 7 seconds.

We make customized designs that are presentable to colleagues or prospective investors, taking them on a visual tour. A text-heavy data will bore your audience, and at the same time, it will leave your audience struggling to recall the purpose of each presentation. At Infobrandz, we create killer designs that will connect visually with your audience at a deeper level – and help them remember your message.

We take mundane and square words and convert them into more engaging designs, also by making sure that it is congruent with your customizations.

Various Presentation Design Services

Pitch Deck Presentation

Best Investor Pitch Deck Designing Service

Investor Pitch Deck

First Impression is everything. We turn your idea into reality using our compelling and creative designs, which helps you get customer traction and engage people emotionally. We bring your concrete plan into a visual reality.

Sales Presentations

Sales / Corporate / Business Presentations

Sales Presentation Designing Service

According to research, 50% of your Sales Presentation depends on the visual appearance of the slides, and you definitely don't want to take chances with presentations designed by amateurs. We have well-skimmed professionals who will work on your project to deliver excellence.

Media Kit Designing

Engaging, Professional & Clean Media Kits

Media Kit Designing Service

Looking to monetize your fame or face value? Well, you are in the right place. At Infobrandz, our visual and creative media kit designs will stick to the minds of people by also educating them.
We make sure to visualize all your data, stats in Infographic style so it looks highly professional.

Ebook Designing Services

Complete ebook designing

Report & Ebook Design Services

People Judge a Book by its cover, and your eBook should appeal to the audience and hook them to read the book.

InfoBrandz draws on 10+ years of experience and in-depth editorial expertise to deliver end-to-end eBook creation and report services, built to maximize the value of your content. Our eBook creation experts are well versed with XML workflows, and we can efficiently utilize these to repurpose your content for disseminating channels and platforms, thereby enabling you to deliver on a Large scale.

You can leverage our expertise and industry knowledge on how to convert traditional and mundane books into magazines, children’s eBooks, journals, STM content, dictionaries, and corporate content into digital format. We specialize in creating digital content for marketing platforms (Amazon kindle and other E-services) and training that the readers can easily access on their smartphones, tablets, and eReaders.

Various Ebook Design Services

White Papers

Clean & Infographic Style White papers

Whitepaper Designing Service

Yes, White Paper is still EFFECTIVE today, most Influential form of business collateral for showcasing your research & seriousness. Our best designers will create White papers by creatively and professionally & in an Infographic style.

Reports Designing

Annual / Survey Reports Loaded with Infographics

Report Designing Service

We have been designing several types of reports (like Annual Reports, Salary Reports, etc) for last 8-10 years. We go through all that boring and hard to understand data & convert them into buttery easy to understand reports for print & digital uses.

Cover Page Designing

Because Ebooks Are Judged By Their Covers

Cover Page Designing Service

Designing a cover page is an art, and we are the best in business. Our team of creative designers has years of experience in digital & print design in a wide variety of genres. We provide you a wide range of custom cover page designs that is appropriate to your audience.

Brochure Designing

Exceptionally Creative Brochure Design

Brochure Designing Service

Creatively designed brochures with persuasive copy trigger the Sub-Conscious mind and hook them into taking the desired action.
Get your Customized Brochure designed by our Infographic Brochure Designers and get it delivered in three days.

Children's ebook

Visually Interactive Children’s ebook

Children's Ebook Designing

We design eBooks for children which is fun and interactive. Using visual elements we make your children a fast learner. Basically Learning made easy. We have worked for renowned toys & child education brands.

Lead Magnets

Checklists, Infographic EBooks, Cheat Sheets etc.

Creative Lead Magnets

We help you design a lead magnets incorporating the elements of curiosity and mystery that hook the visitors to give their Emails and, in return, more conversions.

Fitness Ebooks

Fitness & Health Related Ebooks with Custom Illustrations

Health & Fitness Related Ebooks Designing

We make sure to blend all essential ingredients of a visually engaging fitness ebook by adding highly relevant images, custom illustrations of exercises & positions & forms to achieve your client's fitness goals.

Recipe Books

Visually Compelling Cook Books for Marketing

Meal Preparation Ebooks

Cooking & preparing a meal is an art, We design engaging recipe books that allow anyone to learn the art of cooking. A visual Instructions have more susceptibility to learn, by breaking down complex and confusing steps into simple ways.

Explainer Video Designing Services

Animated Video designing

Why Just Tell Your Story When You Can Show It?

You very well understand how videos are overtaking any other type of content available in the market, Our team having a minimum of 10 years of experienced designers will make sure that you fully utilize the power of the video content.

We provide start-to-end one-stop service where we will handle the stages of a video creation i.e., Research, Script Writing, Wireframing, Illustrations, Animation & Compilation.

Our clients are always in the loop, so at any point of the time, they are fully aware of the time, cost & progress of the project.

We design an explainer video, and you can quickly communicate complicated concepts while creating a memorable experience that appeals to your audience’s emotions. The added bonus is, animated explainer videos are also easily shareable, which is the heart of viral videos.

Illustration Designing Services

Custom Illustration Designing

Make Your Information Easier To Process And Remember

No words or images tells a story better than a stunning illustration. Whether you need an excellent custom illustration for your board or pictures for a book, you can’t go wrong with beautiful art. Get a custom illustration from Infobrandz, and our designers will create something you’ll love. Stunning art solves all the dullest images and will always leave a lasting impression. Our designers are specialists of the latest trends, and they’ll create a design which is just for you and you are good to go.

We have curated best designs and graphic designers to deliver Instantly, also:
1 ) Cost-effective prices
2 ) Flexible design turnaround
3 ) Unlimited Revisions

Other Design Services

apart from above mentioned services, Below you will find a list of services we can provide 


Banner Ad Design

Display Advertising Banners

Display Ad Banner Set

A well-designed banner should tempt people to click on the advertisement. We design professional and eye-grabbing banners set that stand out from the competitors, allowing you to generate desired results online.

Booklet Designing

Creative Booklets for Sales or Marketing

Creative Booklet Designing

We understand the importance of marketing & informational booklets in your sales process. We make sure to design your marketing booklets in the lines with your existing branding guidelines.

Sales Page Designing

Engaging Sales Pages to Market Your Product

Sales Page Designing

It's the design which will create the value for your business along with your sales copy. We make use of highly engaging elements, illustrations & to increase the audience engagement & conversion.

Website Icon Designing

Sensible Icons For Your New Website

Money Back Guarantee

We create website friendly, inviting, and professional icons that serve as an intuitive representation of the content of a website and show that you care about the smallest details.

Logo Designing

High End and Premium Logo Designing

Custom Logo Designing

Want a catchy Logo design that represents your business & vision and create a memorable impression? At Infobrandz, we always design a unique logo (Multiple concepts) which creates a brand image in people's minds.

Slideshare Designing

Appealing Slideshares For Webinars

Custom Slideshare Designs

We are turning boring slides into a highly interactive one. We design Slides for Internal and external presentations, helping you to influence your colleagues and investors on various presentation sharing portals like Slideshare.

Poster Designing

Poster Designing in Infographic Style

Custom Poster Designing

Posters are one of the oldest, most tried, and true types of marketing collateral. Posters are an effective way to draw attention to your sales, events, fundraisers, and more. We help you by designing catchy posters and achieve your desired goals.

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Graphics Creation For Marketing

Social Media Posts Designing

We create beautifully customized social graphic designs and templates covering all major social media networks from Ads to Posts across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube.

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    Customer Reviews On

    Customer Reviews On

       Barry J Feldman

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Consistently stellar design work—strong resource

    Infobrandz has been a reliable partner for my business for five-plus years. I rely on their talented staff for infographics and a variety of graphic design needs. The work is consistently top-notch and enables me to publish stellar work for my clients.

       Rajiv Rebello

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Infobrandz has been phenomenal

    The quality of their work is unmatched and Vikas and his team does a great job of making sure that the work reflects my brand and messaging. Looking forward to working on more projects together in the Future Again.

       Craig Wise

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Excellent creative team

    They are willing to put in the effort to provide quality work. They collaborated with me on an eBook and infographic (animated and PDF) for thought leadership. The team continually went beyond my expectations and provided innovative concepts.

       David Morton

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Exceptional service

    Exceptional service. I’ve used Infobranz many times to create images and infographics for our business and their quality of work has always been exceptional. Communication is also excellent and all work is always delivered to our requirements. HIGHLY recommended!

       Marquette Carney

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Working with Infobrandz was a true pleasure

    They are professional, quick to respond, and diligently works until the job is to the client’s liking. Highly recommend!

       Poondi Mendy

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    The team of Infobrandz did an excellent Job

    They delivered everything on time and understood our feedback well. The communication was great and to the point.

       Dr. Marty Martin

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    Stick with Excellence

    I have been a customer of Infobrandz for nearly 5 years. Compared to other graphic design firms, they stand out because of their talent, professionalism, flexibility and responsiveness…. Read More

     Kevin Gundersen

    Trustpilot Infobrandz Reviews

    The most professional ebook brand out…

    The most professional e book brand out there! They are prompt, pay attention to detail, extremely talented at design and are fast to edit and turn around projects.

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