Gallant is a stem cell therapy company working to advance the field of regenerative medicine.

Gallant approached Infobrandz to help them raise $500,000 for 5% equity in seed funding. Using our pitch deck service, Gallant was able to successfully secure the investment from VCs. Our team worked closely with Gallant to create a deck that communicated their story and vision clearly and concisely. The deck was well-received by the VCs, and as a result, Gallant was able to secure the funding they needed to continue their work.

If you’re looking to raise investment for your business, Infobrandz can help. We have years of experience creating winning pitch decks, and we can work with you to create a deck that will impress VCs and helps you secure the funding you need. Let’s explore a case study of a good pitch deck, what it takes to design one, and how Infobrandz help in realizing the business goals.


Gallant is at the forefront of science, working every day to advance the field of stem cell therapy. By partnering with Gallant, you can make regenerative medicine a part of your pup’s wellness plan – making every (pet) year count.

Gallant has developed a breakthrough process that uses adult stem cells harvested from bone marrow to heal tissue damage.

What they want to solve

Gallant is mostly used for animals that are getting older, as it can help them feel young again. However, it can also be used to help animals with other health conditions. Gallant Regenerative medicine can help animals feel younger, have more energy, and improve their quality of life. It can also help them recover from injuries or illnesses faster.

Gallant was founded in 2013 by two scientists who were passionate about helping animals. They started by making regenerative medicine for humans but soon realized that there was a need for the same thing in animals.

Gallant Regenerative medicine is only available through a veterinarian. You can find a vet who specializes in regenerative medicine on Gallant’s website.

Where Infobrandz come in

Gallant is a young company, and they needed investment to continue their research and development. They also needed investment to market their product and expand their business. 

Luckily for Gallant, they had Infobrandz on their side. We created a powerful pitch deck that caught the attention of VCs. In the end, Gallant was able to raise $500,000 for 5% equity in seed funding.

Infobrandz is a leading fundraising advisor to make your deck 10x more powerful. 

We provide intelligent pitch decks that win over VCs. Save up to 65% on regular pricing by hiring Infobrandz, the preferred fundraising advisor of choice for startups and entrepreneurs not just in America but also internationally. We offer custom-designed services for a wide range of businesses, and Gallant is one of our many satisfied clients. We engaged in 



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Working with our team of experts, Gallant was able to create a pitch deck that communicated their story and vision clearly and concisely. The deck was well-received by the VCs, and as a result, Gallant was able to secure the funding they needed to continue their work.

If you’re interested in learning more about Gallant or partnering with them, please visit their website at You can also contact us at Infobrandz to learn more about our services. We would be happy to answer any questions you have!

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If you’re looking to raise money for your startup, it’s important to have a professionally designed pitch deck. Infobrandz can help you create a deck that will make a positive impression on potential investors. Contact us today to learn more!

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