Top 6 Pitch Deck Examples To Help You Craft A Compelling Investment Deck

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Your business’s pitch deck can make or break your chances of securing crucial investments for your business. And the odds are certainly not in your favor, with 99% of pitch decks failing to impress. Don’t worry, though! 

We have listed out some leading pitch deck examples in the other 1% to help you learn from the best and create a pitch deck that stands out from the crowd and convinces potential investors. Let’s check out the top six inspiring pitch deck examples that laid the foundation of today’s leading businesses. 

6 Examples of Successful Pitch Decks

successful pitch decks

A successful pitch deck proves the value of the business, simplifies complex ideas, differentiates it from competitors, and tells an exciting story to potential investors. Ultimately, it convinces investors that your business offers a lucrative investment opportunity. Let’s see some successful pitch deck examples and find out how they have achieved this-

1. Airbnb

Airbnb used a minimalist pitch deck design and raised $20k at three months and $600k at eight months during their seed funding round. Here are some takeaways from the original investor pitch deck of this now-popular temporary home rental service-

  • Their slide deck emphasized key factors that made Airbnb stand out early on, such as being a large marketplace, having an impressive rate of traction, and entering a market ready for a new competitor. 
  • The deck was designed to present core business plan information in a simple and straightforward way, with each slide containing a maximum of three sections of information presented in simple language. 
  • Infographics were used moderately to simplify the information, and the overall content was designed to complement the presenter’s speech and not distract from it.

2. Uber pitch deck

Uber raised $1.57M in seed funding in 2010, as per Business Insider. This is one of the more unorthodox pitch deck examples as it challenged the notion that pitch decks always have to be concise by adding complete details where required to present a convincing proposition. Here are some points worth noting in this cab service’s investor deck-

  • Its pitch deck highlighted the key pain points, which were the unavailability or inefficiency of cabs, and presented a solution persuasively.
  • The pitch uses a large amount of text to cover every major part of their business plan, including their key differentiators, use cases, plans, and predictions.
  • Despite a lot of points and details, the slide designs and layouts are made to change to keep things interesting. Moreover, visuals and infographics are applied wherever appropriate to make the slides appealing and easily understandable.

Uber’s deck followed a standard problem and solution approach while adding ample evidence to prove that their request is well justified, even though they didn’t have much traction to show.

3. Buffer pitch deck 

Buffer’s co-founder Leo Widrich stated that his company raised $500k through the pitch deck. The company proposed social media toolkit services in a very competitive market. However, they had the statistics to back their claims about the market opportunity, and they presented them beautifully in their comprehensive traction slides. Here is what made Buffer’s pitch deck tick-

  • The traction slide showed they had a great product that the market was already demanding. Existing traction makes it much easier to convince investors and raise funding, and they used this fact to its fullest.
  • Investors were still unsure as Buffer appeared to be entering a saturated market. However, Buffer eventually managed to differentiate itself effectively by adding a simple infographic slide showing their competition and explaining the scope of its offering.

slide deck to used to raise million dollars


The straightforward design and commitment to address investor concerns effectively gave Buffer’s investment a persuasive edge.

4. Crema pitch deck

Pitch deck examples

Crema obtained $175K in seed funding for its coffee roasting and subscription service by using a beautiful coffee-themed pitch deck. Here are some of the notable strong points of their investment deck-

  • Crema’s pitch deck design kept things consistent, and every slide was centered around a singular theme of fresh coffee.
  • While using a uniform coffee-themed color palette, Crema also went a step further and added coffee-related background images to add further beauty and realism.
  • They used color filters and darkening effects to make the text stand out while maintaining the high-definition background images. Moreover, they used innovative typography to create a fun and uplifting feeling to match their brand positioning


Crema’s investor pitch deck shows how visual charm and data can work together to create a persuasive impact for products that are linked to human experiences. It is an effective example of a visually-driven pitch deck for startups in the modern market

5. LinkedIn

Fifth in our list of pitch deck examples is the largest professional social media platform today. LinkedIn raised a whopping $10 million in 2004 with its simplistic yet compelling pitch deck that rounded up the future potential and existing traction perfectly. Here is what made the pitch of this professional networking platform special-

  • LinkedIn used a plain background and pointwise structure that bought the focus to the key points while reflecting their professional and formal image.
  • They added compelling information and explanations about the current market and trends that showed LinkedIn’s authority and knowledge in the field while building a factual basis for their claims.
  • They used convincing infographics and statistics to back each point. The focus was on proving that the company has already gained traction and is bound to succeed, using comprehensive data and testimonials.

The formal, detailed, and data-backed claims supported by infographics resulted in a compelling pitch deck that was simply too impactful to say no to!

6. YouTube

No list of successful pitch deck examples is complete without YouTube! The world’s largest video-sharing platform used a rather simplistic pitch deck in 2005 to raise an impressive $3.5 million in funding. Here are some interesting points about the pitch deck-

  • YouTube went with a surprisingly simple pitch deck that simply listed points as per the traditional format with minimal visual elements.
  • The power of this pitch deck lies in the concise but convincing text and its storytelling nature. 
  • The text and statistical numbers were thoroughly researched and perfectly structured.
  • The deck aimed at proving the traction and opportunity with facts while covering every aspect honestly.

The result was a successful round of funding which powered its fast growth and eventual takeover by Google, which further spurred its growth to become the video-sharing behemoth it is today. This is one of the simplest yet most lucrative pitch deck examples that validate the importance of presenting compelling facts and statistics simply.

So, what makes a great pitch deck?

On analyzing these pitch deck examples, it’s clear that effective investor pitch decks have some strong points in common. For your convenience, we did some digging and listed out the key features shared by a majority of successful investor pitch decks-

  • Clear value proposition

The pitch should have a clear and concise statement of what the business is about, what problem it solves, and how it will create value for the investors. As we saw, this is a common strong point of all pitch deck examples here and has no replacement.

  • Simplified and visualized ideas

The pitch should simplify complex ideas and use visual aids like graphs, charts, and infographics to explain key points and make the information more easily digestible for potential investors.

  • Differentiation from competitors

The pitch should clearly outline how the business differentiates itself from competitors, what unique value proposition it offers, and why it has an advantage in the market.

  • Traction and market opportunity

The pitch should demonstrate that there is a real market opportunity and that the business has made progress in gaining traction in the market, whether through customer acquisition, partnerships, or other means.

  • Storytelling

As the pitch deck examples reflected, successful pitch decks should tell an exciting and compelling story about the business, its founders, and its vision. This helps investors understand the passion and drive behind the business and can make them more willing to invest.

  • Concise and focused

The pitch should be concise and focused, as depicted in the pitch deck examples. Each slide or section must address a specific point or topic. This helps keep the investor’s attention and ensures that the most important information is presented in a clear and memorable way.


As reflected by the examples we discussed, an effective investment pitch deck should prove the value of the business, differentiate it from competitors, simplify complex ideas,  demonstrate traction and market opportunity, tell an exciting story, and be concise and focused.

If you want to have an amazing pitch deck made for your businesses affordably, just contact us at Infobrandz to get started. Our team will understand your business and requirements carefully and then create a pitch deck of world standards to impress your investors.

Written By Vikas Agrawal

Vikas Agrawal is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Infographic design agency, He is a highly influential research analyst and strategic marketing consultant. Vikas advises and plans the visual marketing campaigns of Medium to Large companies. Vikas has worked globally across multiple industries including retail, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, telecoms and pharmaceuticals deploying effective strategic marketing plans and methodologies. A renowned blogger on the subject of Technology, Marketing and Entrepreneurship on front line publications like Forbes , SearchEngineJournal , JeffBullas , ,,, & Many more.



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