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Slide. Share. It’s that simple.

Slideshare is one of those brilliant ideas that identified an unfilled niche in online technology and crafted the ideal, straightforward solution – Create a presentation, then share it.

Since 2006, this approach has made it a magnet for professional content and content creators. Slideshare now has over 70 million registered users who enjoy access to over 18 million uploads. It receives 60 million unique visits every month, making it one of the world’s top 100 most popular websites.

Slide Share and Business

The site has also emerged as the world’s largest business content community. In fact, many people are surprised to discover that Slideshare attracts more visits from business owners than the stalwarts of social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

The Slideshare platform is ideal for a business to share its ideas with the world, create a buzz about the company and its products and, ultimately, transform views into sales. Slideshare design agencies are tapping into this fertile market to create viral content, some of which is shared millions of times to garner unprecedented publicity for their clients.

Whereas presentations are the backbone of the Slideshare platform, that term itself has undergone an evolution. Quite apart from the ‘text on a side’ with a smattering of pictures thrown in, we now see the emergence of a revolutionary, exciting and, most importantly, effective approach to conveying information – The Infographic.

Slideshare and the Infographic

An infographic is a representation of data, primarily facts and figures, that breaks the shackles of a simple table filled with numbers. Instead, Slideshare designers who utilize the infographic represent the same data with color, shapes and icons.

Together, they are designed to capture the attention of the viewer, allow them to process the information quickly, and then convince them to share it with their social circle.

Together, they are designed to capture the attention of the viewer, allow them to process the information quickly, and then convince them to share it with their social circle.

By those criteria, the infographic is the perfect advertisement for your company. Best of all, all the resulting publicity and exponential increase in brand awareness is absolutely free.

Slideshare and the infographic are so inherently compatible that we have designed an Infographic explaining the Slideshare Benefits!

Called ‘The A to Z Guide to Slideshare: Your Cheat Sheet for Mastering the World’s Largest Business Content Community’, it is the ideal place for beginners to discover Slideshare and for regular users to uncover hitherto unutilized features.

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I want to thank my content partner Barry Feldman for this Infographic’s script

Establishing Yourself through Slideshare

Besides being the ideal launch pad for viral infographics to target customers, Slideshare’s features also allow you to establish a solid reputation both for yourself professionally and for your brand.

To achieve this, the ideal Slideshare presentation must convey a depth of knowledge, the ability to process and filter that knowledge to the fundamentals, and a talent for communicating those fundamentals in a way that is easy for the viewer to comprehend.

Whereas you are already an expert in your field, choosing the right Slideshare designer is critical for this process because it is the visual depiction of your ideas that will allow you to showcase your expertise and emerge as a leader in the industry. By partnering with the right Slideshare design agency, you open up an entirely new dimension of possibilities.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who use Slideshare through such collaborations find that their standing among their peers in their respective fields is greatly enhanced. Other individuals and organizations start to look to their content for expert knowledge and inspiration.

Slideshare has an established internal system that allows the best to rise to the top. In-house editors identify the most powerful from the thousands of uploads every month to feature on Slideshare’s homepage. There is also a Keynote Authors program where distinguished contributors are invited to share their opinions. In this way, your content – and you – receive even more exposure than you would have otherwise.

If you want to mold the future of your industry by promulgating your ideas and enjoy the accolades and distinction of being a mover and shaker instead of just another participant, Slideshare is the answer.

Creating the Most Effective Slideshare Designs

The best Slideshare designers work with a range of presentation formats, from the traditional PowerPoint to the infographic and everything in between. They are able to show you the difference a choice of color, shade and lighting can produce, and help you select from a range of depiction methods that are best suited for your needs.

When you decide to use a Slideshare expert to work on your presentation, it does not mean leaving your project entirely in their hands; the process is always a collaboration based on your invaluable input. The designers offer their professional opinion on how to maximize your reach based on their experience but the ultimate decision and direction the project takes is always squarely in your own hands.

Apart from the content you create, the Slideshare platform gives you the ability to control the appearance of your own homepage on their website. Just like on your own website, this feature gives you the ability to maintain consistency in appearance across your online presence. Again, a Slideshare design agency can help you craft the ideal image to optimize viewership and visibility.

Slideshare – More than Just Sharing Slide

In today’s era of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), some uploaders may be apprehensive about investing time and effort in content that might not register on an online search. Slideshare anticipated that issue and has created a system whereby all the text embedded in an uploaded document is converted to a transcript that is automatically shared with search engines.

This way, you gain all the exposure from being highlighted on major search engines like Google and Bing as well as Slideshare itself.

The Future of Slideshare

Slideshare’s reach within the business community is further enhanced by its purchase recently by the world’s largest professional networking service, LinkedIn. That decision itself is a testament to how the potential of Slideshare has been recognized by those most familiar with business networking.

Slideshare has been called the sleeping giant of business for the incomparable way it is bringing businesses closer to investors, clients and other businesses. Its star is still rising and there is no time like the present to jump on board!

Written By Vikas Agrawal

Vikas Agrawal is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Infographic design agency Infobrandz.com, He is a highly influential research analyst and strategic marketing consultant. Vikas advises and plans the visual marketing campaigns of Medium to Large companies. Vikas has worked globally across multiple industries including retail, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, telecoms and pharmaceuticals deploying effective strategic marketing plans and methodologies. A renowned blogger on the subject of Technology, Marketing and Entrepreneurship on front line publications like Forbes , SearchEngineJournal , JeffBullas , Scoop.it , CustomerThink.com, NealSchaffer.com, ValueWalk.com & Many more.



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