The Best Explainer Videos Of All Time! Top 10 Successful Explainer Videos To Inspire You!

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Explainer videos are proving to be game changers in the marketing and education world with their unparalleled engagement and traffic-boosting powers. Good explainer videos are also exceptionally effective at explaining tough concepts and convincing your website visitors, with an increase of up to 80% in conversions! 

So, if you have not leveraged the power of explainer videos yet, it’s time you do! To help you begin, we have included a detailed list of the top 10 successful explainer videos in this blog, along with some expert tips. Let’s begin!

The Magic Of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos apply a combination of animations, audio, and voiceovers to explain an idea or offering and its uses briefly. They are designed to simplify tough concepts for the audience into a short and interesting video using engaging visuals and audio. 

Integrating these short videos into your video marketing strategy will help you raise traffic, grow engagement, and convey information about your product or service persuasively. Going into further detail, here are the benefits of using explainer videos-

  • Explainer videos increase website traffic and conversions

Studies have found that adding one animated explainer video to your landing page is enough to raise your website traffic by 144% while increasing the conversion rate by an unbelievable 80%!

How does this happen? Search engines favor web pages with relevant video content and rank your page higher. In other words, explainer videos are great for SEO. You can further amplify these benefits by sharing the video over blogs, emails, online forums, or social media sites.

  • They are engaging and compelling

Good explainer videos have unparalleled power to engross and convince your audience. You can easily add entertaining animations, graphics, relatable presenters, and engrossing voiceovers to explainer videos to make them very interesting and persuasive, boosting conversions quickly.

  • They simplify complex ideas and information

Explaining complex or innovative offerings to your customers can become really difficult, but explainer videos offer the perfect solution. Explainers turn complicated and boring information into engrossing videos that demonstrate the problem and solution you are offering in simple terms using interesting audio-visual content.

  • They are easy to share

You or your viewers can easily share explainer videos to a relevant audience across all online platforms like blogs, social media, landing pages, emails, and YouTube. So, great explainer videos have an exponential reach that just keeps growing. It’s all about going viral once, and your popularity will skyrocket!

  • They have diverse uses

Explainer videos are exceptionally versatile and fit into every aspect of your video marketing strategy. You can use them on social media, blogs, product pages, landing pages, product or service ads, recruitment ads, emails, webinars, online forums, and video-sharing platforms like YouTube, according to their purpose and target audience. They’re an all-in-one solution to attract and engage your audience across the web.

  • They offer high returns on investment

Any marketing tool’s worth is ultimately judged by the return on your investment on it, and explainer videos perform exceptionally on this front as well! In fact, many companies have used great explainer videos to get high returns on investment (ROI) for their marketing campaign. 

For example, a study found that Dropbox spent $50,000 on an explainer video that tells their brand’s story. The result was 5 million new customers and a whopping $24M in additional revenue! 

  • Animated explainer videos are affordable and easy to produce

The best part is that explainer videos are not expensive. While live-action videos and commercials involve higher costs, animated explainer videos are surprisingly affordable and quick to produce without elaborate arrangements. They can be made by explainer video companies or using animated video creation tools, and both involve low to moderate costs.

Top 10 Explainer Videos Of All Time

Given their all-around benefits and jaw-dropping statistics, we can confirm that explainer videos have the power to level up your video marketing strategy and boost its results manifold! Moreover, they are equally effective for educational purposes as they turn complex information into interesting and easily understandable videos.

So, it’s time to check out ten examples of outstanding explainer videos with tips to help you apply world-class explainer videos to your initiative-

1. Infobrandz- Transition smoothly from information to promotion

Explainer Video on Equipment Lease Management Designed By Infobrandz

This is a perfect example of turning complicated information into engrossing animations that efficiently communicate volumes of information within minutes! It also depicts how a good explainer video smoothly transitions from explaining a situation and its problem to marketing its corresponding solution, which is a lease management system in this case.

2. Kurzgesagt- Apply high-quality animations with informative visual content

The Coronavirus Explained & What You Should Do

Not all explainer videos are for marketing brands or their offerings! Here’s an example of an informational video produced by Kurgesat, a YouTube channel that is very popular for such world-class animated explainer videos.

This video explains the coronavirus using simple animations and creative infographics that break the science behind it down into simple that anyone can understand. And that’s what a great explainer video is meant for!

3. Mint- Keep it short and simple

Personal Finance Management With Mint – The Best Free Way to Manage Your Money 

As this example verifies, explainer videos are best when they are short and simple, especially when they are being used to introduce the audience to your product or service for the first time. In fact, explainer videos are usually applied to build a great first impression and present the key strong points about the offering in an interesting and memorable way.

Accordingly, this video gives an engaging overview of what makes the offering different and how it meets the audience’s needs. It aims to spark interest without going into too much detail. You can always cover the details later once the viewer continues with the CTA in the video.

4. Tripcase- Emphasize and demonstrate the pain points and solution

TripCase Travel App

This example emphasizes the need to focus on the problems faced by customers and depict the product or service as an effective solution.  In this case, Tripcase reminds viewers of the hassle and chaos they face during travel and compares it with a Tripcase user’s smooth experience in the video. Such a video effectively represents why the user requires the service with a practical example that leaves no room for doubt.

5. Panaroma9- Capture the audience’s interest with creative visuals

IT-MAN solves your everyday IT-problems!

The best explainer videos use creative visuals, color, motion, voiceovers, and pacing to explain their product or service. Here, Panorama9 took a fun and relatable theme of a retro video game to hook the audience. It then used the theme creatively as a metaphor for IT problems to get its point across without boring the audience.

6. Hubspot- Resonate with your target audience

What is HubSpot? (2014)

An effective explainer video connects with the target audience using personalized content to grab their interest. In their explainer video, HubSpot begins by showing empathy for modern marketers by mentioning their common problems and using relatable, real-life actors. 

After getting the audience intrigued, the video smoothly moves on to the marketing solutions the company offers. The pleasant voiceover and bright music add to the engaging power of the video, and the compelling CTA concludes it perfectly.

7. Headspace- Use simple and fun animations to introduce new ideas

Say hello to Headspace

At a time when meditation was still not mainstream, this simple and entertaining explainer video helped introduce the concept of meditation with colorful characters and transitioned into the promotion after convincing the viewers about the importance of the underlying idea. 

It has effectively applied the personification of whimsical characters, as humans feel more involved when they see funny and relatable characters in a video. They also set the brand apart from competitors who use plain animations and encourage wider sharing due to their entertainment value.

8. Guide Dogs- Leverage emotions and apply storytelling


This animated video from Guide Dogs shows the training journey of a guide dog from its first day with the puppy raiser until it is handed to the guide dog center. Using the fact that people are naturally attracted to dogs, this short film grips viewers with an emotional story directly involving the dog’s growth and ends with a powerful social message. The engaging and inspirational aspects, coupled with a gripping storyline, have got the video millions of views and several shares.

9. DeadHappy- Use humor to liven things up!

Mick and Tel: Pussycat!

Life insurance is a serious and dull topic with very little power to grab a viewer’s attention, given its negative connotations. But DeadHappy has come up with a solution by developing a hilarious video with a character that voices all of the potential customers’ barriers to sale. 

The video has found great popularity due to its combination of humor, interesting animations, and clear addressing of every concern the target viewers usually have in mind about life insurance. Moreover, it has a clear CTA with catchy music at the end with a special offer to grab the viewer’s attention.

10. Visa- Maintain your brand presence and exhibit authority

Introduction to Visa Ready

This video applies color schemes and elements effectively to reflect a strong brand presence. The animations are masterfully designed to explain a difficult concept in a simple manner. Important statistics and facts are added to add further credibility to the claims made. This is an example of leveraging an established brand image and adding statistics to make a compelling promotional video.

Tips To Make The Best Explainer Videos

Here’s a roundup of the tips and takeaways from our discussion so far to help you make the best explainer videos

  • -Tailor your video to the target audience and offer or message
  • -Emphasize the pain points and show empathy
  • -Keep the video short and simple
  • -Be funny wherever appropriate
  • -Keep the video visually engaging and interesting
  • -Resonate with your audience
  • -Use an attention-grabbing introduction
  • -Go with an easy-to-follow structure and add captions
  • -Exhibit your brand identity and authority
  • -Use storytelling to retain your audience
  • -Show your product or service in action to prove it is a good solution to the pain points
  • -Apply a clear CTA that tells impressed viewers what to do next

Summing Up

Use these examples and tips to make explainer videos and enjoy high traffic and conversions. For the best results, always focus on your core message and target audience to build a compelling script and animation outline before you start. And don’t worry if you’re not an expert at ideating and creating videos. 

Infobrandz is here with over a decade of experience to help you make explainer videos in all niches! You can check out our explainer video samples here to get started.

All the best!

Written By Vikas Agrawal

Vikas Agrawal is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Infographic design agency, He is a highly influential research analyst and strategic marketing consultant. Vikas advises and plans the visual marketing campaigns of Medium to Large companies. Vikas has worked globally across multiple industries including retail, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, telecoms and pharmaceuticals deploying effective strategic marketing plans and methodologies. A renowned blogger on the subject of Technology, Marketing and Entrepreneurship on front line publications like Forbes , SearchEngineJournal , JeffBullas , ,,, & Many more.



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